Alexander Fog TMR, Italy


Alexander Fog is making huge waves on the underground techno and tech house scene. Upsetting the status quo by proving what is possible with a combination of immense talent and determination. His record label Techno Mafia Records (TMR) has been taking the scene by storm, with fans all over the world. TMR has around 350,000 fans at present (October 2010) and is growing at an astonishing rate. TMR can now be considered a movement, a way of life and has by far and away more online followers than any other techno label on the planet. This from a label which is still in its infancy, having begun in November 2009.

Hailing from Northern Italy, Fog developed a love for electronic music in his teens and began work as a promoter for Move The Boyz and then became the leader of the electronic movement Warriors. He began touring Europe as a hardcore DJ, playing in Italy, Holland, Switzerland and Belgium at clubs such as Cubik, Essence and Evolving. Alexander spent some significant years in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. Making the most of the hedonistic atmosphere by djing and organising parties, Alexander was in his element. His musical tendencies began to move towards Trance and Techno.

Fog then moved back to Italy and began playing house music in some of the countries biggest clubs. At the same time he was developing his taste for Minimal music after playing at clubs in Dusseldorf, Germany such as Hampurne and Logikal.

Alexander is a true globetrotter, having lived all over Europe and North and South America. This life experience of experiencing different cultures and styles of music is evident in his djing and production skills. Alexanders and TMRs current style currently sits nicely between tech-tribal house and techno. When he is not touring North and South America, Alexander can be found tearing up some of Europes biggest clubs such as Titilla, Cocorico (Riccione), Pacha London, Shaky and Miro Disco.

Alexander recently won DJ Magazines / mix competition. Fending of thousands of entries to be crowned the outright winner. Winning the competition netted Alexander a media package worth $7,500 and a full page article in DJ Magazine

Alexander has recently completed a successful North American and South American tour. Playing at hot-spots in Las Vegas, Miami and Tampa in the United States. Also playing in Medellin, Cali and Armenia in Colombia, where the techno scene is currently among the strongest around the globe.

Expect to keep hearing about Alexander Fog and TMR, because the man and his label are set to continue their ascent to the top. With more and more quality releases coming out on Beatport, and with a touring schedule that will see Alexander visit all corners of the globe, their presence is set to go on and on shaking up the scene in a big way.