Since 1994, Dr. Kucho! has brought out over 200 tracks on a large number of labels (Africanism, Virgin, Sony, Defected ...), both remixes and new work. Many of them reached number one in thousands of charts worldwide, such as "Patricia Never Leaves the House" and "La Luna", for Weekend Records (1998-2002), making an essential contribution to arise Spanish house music, which burst onto the international stage from nowhere. After that, the release of "Nosferatu" and "Mac in Touch" made the DJ magazine UK crowned Dr. Kucho! as the "Indisputable King of Spanish House".

But without dub, the track that made him known by the masses, beyond house music lovers, was "Belmondo Rulez”, becoming number 6 of best tracks of the year by DJ magazine UK 2003, it also made him to look into another musical direction creating such fresh tracks as “Lies to yourself” and “Can’t stop playing”, which held the number one slot on Dutch radio charts for 5 weeks.

Dr. Kucho’s music its very influenced by the soundtracks of movies, even sometimes he enjoys making house versions of some of them like in the case of "Rain (I Want a Divorce)" which is an original composition by Ryuichi Sakamoto for the film "The Last Emperor", one of the most beautiful songs ever made for such emotional film.

In that line of emotional epic music, he created "Hallelujah" which became number 1 in the pop music charts in Malta, the same chart that featured Shakira, Madonna and Justin Timberlake the same week.

At Disc Doctor Records, Dr. Kucho! only produces artists whose tracks have the quality he demands, including his own remixes, and providing the special touch dubbed by many as "Dr. Kucho's style". This is precisely one of the main reasons why he is sought-after by clubs around the world, a style that also makes its mark on his sessions.

At the end of 2005 Dr. Kucho! and Gregor Salto set up a new label called GDoctor with their first track: “Macamba”, and recently fully supported in The Netherlands, “Love is my game.”