Funkstar Deluxe HED KANDI (Denmark)


Breaking into the industry on the back of his 1999 remix of Bob Marley’s ‘Sun Is Shining’, Funkstar De Luxe has proved himself to be a consistent and high-quality remixer and a producer with great ability.

Funkstar De Luxe was born Martin Ottesen. He played keyboard in a funk band throughout the 1990s but bands like Kraftwerk opened his eyes and ears to the potential of synthesisers and samplers.

His remix of ‘Sun Is Shining’ blew up around the world. It sold over 1 Million copies worldwide, went Gold in South Africa, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark, Silver in France and the UK and was licensed to a massive number of compilation albums. The single stayed at 1 for 3 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Dance Chart and remained on the chart for more than a year.

‘Sun Is Shining’ was named ‘Track Of The Season’ on Ibiza and Funkstar De Luxe performed the track at the 2000 World Music Awards in Monaco where he was also presented with an award for ‘The World’s Best Selling Reggae Single’.

Funkstar De Luxe quickly followed up with another remix of a Bob Marley track, ‘Rainbow Country’. Which did extremely well and lead to Funkstar De Luxe being approached to remix the work of James Brown, Grace Jones and Mary J. Blige.

In 2002 Funkstar De Luxe’ second album Funkturistic was released. Featuring an array of collaborators. The album was a totally original effort with the exception of ‘Blinded By the Light’, a Bruce Springsteen classic re-spruced by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

In 2004 Funkstar De Luxe released the single ‘When I Think Of You’ and the remix of Tom Jones’ ‘She’s A Lady’. Both singles were included on several compilations in 2005 including ‘Ultimate Dance Remixed’, ‘Club Hits 2006’, ‘Hed Kandi World Series 2’ and ‘Disco Kandi 05.04’.

In 2007 Funkstar De Luxe started his own label FAKE FRIES. ‘Continental GT’ and ‘So Invincible feat. Kristine Blond’ are the first releases from Funkstar’s collaboration with his producer partner SputniQ. In 2010 the single ‘Do You Feel’ was released on Destined Records, UK. With a massive remix package the single got a lot of support from Bob Sinclar, Michael Gray, D.O.N.S. and many others. In 2011 Funkstar & Sputniq are working on an album.

As an internationally recognized DJ Funkstar De Luxe tours the world with his highly musical DJ set offering de luxe clubbers a funky and sexy experience.