Katherine Ellis MoS, UK


Katherine Ellis is one of the most respected and versatile vocalists and topline writers in the industry today. She is currently performing extensively throughout the World with her vast back catalogue including the huge club hits ‘When you touch me’ with The Freemasons, ‘Lost’ by Roger Sanchez and ‘Dreaming’ by Ruff Driverz, Make A Move On Me by Joey Negro as well as ASBO’s ‘Let The Beat Hit ‘Em’ and Wilder & Clarke’s ‘Stand Up’, both released on the Hed Kandi label.
Already this year, Katherine has performed across Europe, Russia, the USA and completed a tour of Australia with The Freemasons! Releases in 2009 will include collaborations with Bimbo Jones, Soulshakers, MOS, Peppermint Jam, Solitaire, Addict DJs, Beaver & Jones and Lee Coombs. Last year was an extremely busy year for Katherine, with releases including ‘When You Touch Me’ with The Freemasons, a cover of "Ain't Nothin Goin’ On But The Rent" with 7th Heaven, "Poza (Got What I need)" with Countparis, "Do it" with DJ Prom, "Gotta get Through" with Paul Emanuel & Gav McCall, "One Luv" with The Soul Avengerz and "Laisser Toucher" with Cerrone, which also happens to have been featured twice in the 2008 French movie ‘Disco!’ She also performed with The Freemasons at The TMF Awards in Antwerp, which is broadcast to some 60 million people.
Katherine is also the third member of the band Bimbo Jones, signed to Tommy Boy Records. The debut album ‘Harlem 1 Stop’, was released in the US at the end of last year. This was preceded by their single ‘And I try’ now due for release in the UK. From 1997 to 2000 Katherine was the vocalist for chart toppers The Ruff Driverz, singing 'Deeper Love', 'Don't Stop', 'Shame' and the monster smash 'Dreaming', which she also wrote the Spanish topline for.

She has worked with some of the biggest names in music including The Freemasons, The Soul Avengerz, Dave Lee (in all his guises!) & Roger Sanchez, and on a more underground tip, collaborations with Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, Lee Coombs and Tom Stephan. Katherine's touring credits include that of working with the likes of Belinda Carlisle, Chaka Khan, Boy George and Roger Sanchez.
She is the vocal talent on TV adverts for Gaviscon, Dove Deo, Horlicks, Sony, Xenadrine, Hot Pockets and Pantene to name a few. An extremely talented writer, she writes a majority of her own material including ‘When you touch me’ by the Freemasons, ‘Insatiable’ by Mark Knight - hammered by the likes of Pete Tong, 'Fascinated’ by Raven Maize and ‘Getting Into You’ by W.O.S.P. She also writes for other Artists including ‘If You Wanna/Salsoul Nugget’ by M&S Presents The Girl Next Door, ‘All Night’ by Montilla and ‘Dancing In The Dark’ by 4Tune 500. 2009 has already exceeded the successes of 2008, opening up new and exciting opportunites across the globe. Hold on tight, this is going to be another full-on year in the life of Katherine Ellis!

make a move on me (joey negro)