Yass DEFECTED (France)


YASS - DJ, Producer, Parisian remixer, FG radio dj resident and Defected label artist, ex-resident of L’Enfer and Queen club (Paris).
He played his first turntables when he was 13, and at the age of 19 was one of the youngest
resident DJ’s in Paris. Since this time, influenced by the great DJs of the world, he worked nonstop to find his technique and style until he reached top international DJ-level.
21 years of experience mixing, beginning with 7 years of Hip-Hop. With the influence of the
« Rave party » phenomenon and the new talent revealed by the electronic wave which swept
through Paris, he gradually developed a techno sound. This opened up a new horizon and he
was soon in his element. His flycases were gradually filled with records from Detroit, Chicago,
Germany or England (Axis, Trax, Relief, Synwave, Trésor…). He played in a number of raves
parties, making a name for himself and gaining public recognition. From then on his intention
was to mix in a new creative way. From 1997, at the end of his sound ingeneer studies,
onwards he worked in clubs, developing his style more progressively, House music being his
choice of records. This was a revelation to him. At the time clubs preferred it to techno and Hip- Hop, this movement coming onto the scene as a melting pot of all cultures and musics. He
handles this style magnificently, combining his teenage groove with funk, disco, jazz and even
techno sound. At the time he mixed five days a week, on the turntables of the French capital’s
biggest clubs. He refined his three-turntable-mix, which has become his means of expression.
Thanks to the numerous club residences he can carry out his long eclectic sets. He has been
side-by-side with many well-known Dj’s such as Dj Sneak, Johnny Corporate, Dj Spen, Little
Louie Vega, Dj Deep, Frankie Feliciano, Jazzanova, Kerri Chandler, Roger Sanchez, Dennis
Ferrer, Danny Krivit, Martin Solveig, Jamie Lewis … In 1999, he began to travel abroad as a
guest in foreign clubs. His present, very club-style, « Pumping Soulful House » influenced by
the French and New-york scene, can be qualified as unique. In his element from Deep House to
Techno, he handles his vinyls and Cds like a raw product. His aim, whilst concentrating on
the frequencies and the organic side of his mix, is above all to be at one with his public and to
give them a show.
Now international DJ, he started in the main Paris clubs : L’Enfer (resident 3 years), Le Rex
club, le Queen, L’Etoile (resident 3 years), l’Elysée Montmartre, Les Folies Pigalles, MCM Café
(resident 1 year), les Bains, Le Cab, Le Wagg (resident 2 years), le Duplex, le plaza, le Man
Ray, le Gibus, Nirvana Lounge , Villa rouge, le Batofar, le Globo, le Milliardaire, le Monkey, la
Suite, la Loco, la Fabrique, la coupole (Cheers) le Nouveau Casino, Bobino, Barramundi,
Maxim’s, Showcase & Le Djoon…
In provincial France : la Villa rouge (Montpellier), VIP Room & Bistro (Saint-Tropez), Baoli
(Cannes), La Villa Bivona (Toulon), le Bar Live (Montpellier), le Calao (Quimper), L’escalier
(Saint Malo), LC (Nantes), le Bar’ouf (la Baule), Villa la grange (la Baule), Amnesia (Cap
d’Agde), le Bazar (Marseille), Le Shadow Lounge, Pier 6 (Bordeaux), Cour des grands (Lyon),
Nova bar & Nexx (Poitier), Le Qg (Mimisan), Le Fou du Roy (Hyère), Colysée (Strasbourg), la
5ème Avenue (Ajaccio), Les Chandelles (Carnac), Café Sol (les Arcs), Living room, Mezzanine &
Hot boat (Strasbourg), l’Acapulco (Calvi), la Réserve (Saint Raphaël), le Season (Toulon), La
vague (Six fours), Caves du roy (Courchevel), le Onze (Lacanau), l’Ibiza (Biarritz), Le Traouc
(Biarritz), le Grand Escurial (Nice), l’Ipanema Club (Hossegor), , Apobeach (Bastia),
l’Avalanche (2 Alpes), le Souleil (Montpellier), les Plages Sonores (Montpellier), la Joïa (Aix), le
Mistral & Hot brass (Aix en Provence), le Blush (Bordeaux), Chakra (Rouen), l’Oxford (la
Rochelle), Rancho (Royan), The end (Toulouse), K-ube (Orleans), Anfer (Juan les pins), Pyms
(Rennes), High club (Nice), Fabrik (Corsica), Via note (Corsica), le Carre Coast (Biarritz), Nikki
Beach (Saint-Tropez)…
Abroad : Pacha (Defected/Ibiza), The Privilège (Ibiza), Ministry of sound (London), Club
Air (Tokyo), Deep L.A (Vanguard/Hollywood-USA), Southport weekender (UK), MAD
(Switzerland), Bar Rumba, Groove Sanctuary, The End (London), The Pulp, Next, Escape
(Belgium), Café d’Anvers (Belgium), Decadance (Gent/Belgium), the Loft House (Frankfurt), the
Jet set, Pacha (Moscow), Tchecq republic (Prague), SMC (Copenhagen), The Space
(Hardtimes/Leeds) The Checkers (dusseldorf), Budda (Stuttgart), Deep (Heidelberg), Miochic
(Saarbrucken), Club Soja (Dusseldorf), Red bar (Days like this/ Birmingham), Atlas
(Manchester), The Float (New York), Senior Frog (Miami WMC 2003), Delano hotel (Miami
WMC 2005), Onda lounge (Miami WMC 2006), Set, Indra lounge (Miami 2008), Provocateur,
Hilton (Miami 09), Cameo, Hotel Shelley, Klutch (Miami WMC 10), Ginger 62, Republik
(Vancouver-Canada), Atlas (Manchester), Morrison’s Café (Tahiti), South Africa (tour in 06 &
09), Botswana (tour), Air Tokyo(Japan), Acid room (Sapporo), Atlantis, Kaufleuten, Duo,
Singerhaus, Liquid, La folie, Die Kuppel, St Germain, Pravda, Mica, Supermarket, Wankdorf,
Deep (Switzerland), Diamond live & Led Lemon (St petersburg), Mumja, Pink sunset (Albania),
Tusce, Living, Divinae Folie, Mavu, Bahia, Riobo (Italy), Le club, Sacha & Capitulo V, Hit,
Buddha, NB club, Sardina Biba, Café del sol, Del mare & Nikki beach, Swing (Portugal), Bliss
(St Maarteen), Krush (Belgium), Ten (Ireland), Barrage (Zakinthos-Greece), Tropicana
(Mikonos), MAO, Messiah (Athens), Level 9 (Thessaloniki), Ammos beach (Cyprus), Via Note
(Corsica), Panama, Rex club & Escape (ADE-Amsterdam), Hilton (Alger), Sofitel Marakech &
Agadir, Choc’ late, Ranch (Casa) (Maroc), Seven (Barhain), 360 (Dubai), Alpha (Dubai), Nasimi
beach (Dubai), Catwalk (Spain), Dragon I (Hong Kong), Sundaze (Jakarta), DITH Rio Janeiro,
Le Prive (Estonia), Deep inc (Lithuania), Schlokenbeka (Latvia), Kazantip (Ukraine), La reunion
(island), Platinium, Frantic, Prozak, Moralist, Czekolada, Paprotka, SQ, Euforia, Petska & Mono
bar (Poland), Mix club (Budapest)…
Radio: Mix on Radio FG in Paris (every sunday, 8 pm), FG Chic, NRJ (better days), SS radio
(uk), Groove session, Univers Dj, Deepinside, Shibuya FM, as well as Couleur 3 (Switzerland).
Other events: Nominated on the Fg Burn awards 2007 ( Garage), Evening for the release of
the Movies Spiderman, 6ème sens, Amélie Poulain, semi-finals of the surf championship Rip-Curl
(Hossegor), Lacanau Pro, Beach-Volley World championship (Prado beach), French Snow-
Board championship (2 Alpes), Emergence (Movies), M6 Live (Lilles), label release (Sérial,
SSOH, Momo, Defected in the house, Pure, Purple), magazine Max 2002 Tour, Armani,
Vivienne Westwood Collections, Diesel , defile Nina Ricci 2007 (St Petersburg/Russia) Kazantip
festival (Ukrain).
In 1998, his first Hip-Hop was produced on independent labels (CMP, Virtuose). In 2000, he
joined up with the group Oscar (Denote) for live productions (Rex Club (Paris) and Brussels)
and in recording studios. In 2001, he brought out a House club maxi (Body call) under the name
Honey distributed by EMI. In the same year, he created a House generic for a programme on
MTV Europe. In 2002 he carried out the mix of O’live & TG Parker (D-TRACK). He remixed a
single for the Universal artist Douglas. His first maxi « OCTOBER » came out under his artist
name « YASS » in collaboration with the famous arranger « M’Dee » with the featuring vocal
“Jay Sebag”. Behind that came « Playa de la Luna » mixed par Laurent Wolf distributed par
Sony Music (Video clip produced by M6 tv chanel). Since 2002, he is a member of the label
« SSOH » (Solid State Of House) under the direction of Claude Monnet. His second track on
this label “Give me a sign” with the same singer had been released on May 2003. Just after he
did two remixes for Master Phil “Semam” and “We got the swing” with an Afro singer from
Kouré Kunda’s crew. In 2004 he joins Momo records (NYC) and released three records “Been
set free”, “Rule the world” and “Diamond rings”, liscenced in numberous labels (Defected…)
and playlisted by the most famous dj’s (Roger S., Dj Spen, David Morales, Martin Solveig...).
Just after that, he signs a song for Serial records’s compilation (” Softly”). In 2005 and 2006,
he signed three records with his partners Sebastien Grand and Alexandre Destrez under the
name Inner soul “Support your DJ!”, “Pressure Ep” and a remix “Jackin’ a box” on “Deeply
Rooted House” (Dj Deep’s label). In 2006 and 2007 he did the Anthems “I believe” included a
Jamie Lewis remix and the follow up “He reigns” and “ I’m free” ( featuring Lt. Brown) on
Purple music label, which were one of the biggest tunes of the Winter Conference 2007.
Charted by the best famous dj’s (Humpries, Vega, Spen & Dennis Ferrer…). They were also
number one of a lot of top downloads (Traxsource, Beatport…). At the same time, he
released a new ep (I go deep) on Kerri Chandler‘s label (Grei matter), a remix of Dj Gregory
– Attend 1 on Faya combo/Defected, two remixes for Defected label (Dennis Ferrer : Touched
the sky & Mark Grant) and a remix of Quentin Harris for Stricly rhythm (My joy) and also a
Monique Bingham remix for Syam/Shelter and Rachel Claudio - Micommunicate (On Jaffa). In
the meantime he signed his first single on Defected label “My only”. He did recently some
remixes of an Inaya Day song “My all, a remix of the Marc Evans song “the way you love
me”, an afro house remix on Papa records.
For the WMC 09 he mixed a compilation Miami in the house 09 for Defected,
with four of his new exclusives tracks inside (When doves cry, I won’t, No lies and
All to me). Before summer 09, he released “When doves cry” on the dj Spen’s label
Code red (Defected sub-label), and a new Ep featuring Lt Brown on Defected (No lies ep & I
won’t), then after summer, his new project with Jay Sebag ‘All to me’ smashed the top chart
and downloads (Beatport…), At the same time Kerri Chandler‘s label (Grei Matter) released
one of his House neo-soul project (Yass pres.Jay Sebag & Tahira - All I’m asking for). One
month later Kingstreet label has been released one of a uplifting Yass deep remix (Johnny
Dangerous ft Kenny Bobien – Calling you Lord). He recently mixed a new compilation for
Defected label containing new edits of his own productions (Clubland adventure vol 9). His
new vocal House Ep on Code Red label ‘Secret’ was released for Miami 2010. It was number 2
top charted on Traxsource during five weeks. In the meantime he released ‘Unity Ep’ in
collaboration with Marlon D the well known Deep-House dj from Colombia. For summer 2010
he produced ‘Losing control’ in collaboration with Antho records for Defected label. In
January 2011 he reached again the traxsource number 1 top download with his remix of Ziggy
Funk ‘Everyday’ on Foliage records. He just finished a new ep for Seasons recording in
collaboration with Tony Loreto and Arnold Jarvis.
He is actually remixing a new Joey Negro’s project (Akabu single on Z rec)…
An album and some more compilations are expected very soon…
He can be counted as one of the most talented up-and-coming artists on the French electronic
scene today.

Yass & Jay Sebag - Lonely (Forthcoming)
Akabu – The phuture ain’t what It used to be (Yass remix)
Yass & Tony Loreto & Arnold Jarvis – Let go ( Seasons recording - 2011)
Ziggy Funk ft Taliwa – Everyday (Yass classic mix – Foliage 2011)
Yass – Losing control (Defected - 2010)
Yass & Marlon D – Unity ep (Underground collective - 2010)
Yass ft Francine E. Murphy - Secret (Code Red / Defected - 2010)
Yass & Jay Sebag - All to me (Defected - 2009)
Yass - No lies ep (Defected - 2009)
Danism & Michael Watford - Change (Yass remix) (Mn2s - 2009)
Yass - I won't (Defected - 2009)
Yass pres. Matthew - Let go (Forthcoming)
Johnny Dangerous ft Kenny Bobien - Calling you Lord (Yass remix -
Kingstreet - 2009)
Yass pres. Jay Sebag & Tahira - All I'm asking for (Grei Matter - 2009)
Yass - When doves cry - Original & Spen remix (Defected -Code Red 2009)
Marc Evans - The way you love me - Yass remix (Defected - 2009)
Yass & Abicah soul - Yassoul (Back 2 Fundamentals - 2009)
De Lata ft Diabel Cissokho 'This is not your job'-Yass remix (Papa
records- 2008)
Dj Dealer feat Inaya Day - My all - Yass rmx (Foliage/Subsensual - 2008)
Yass - My only (Defected - 2008)
Okada Taxi ft Monique Bingham - Come live me - Yass Rmx
(Syam/Shelter 2008)
Quentin Harris - My Joy - Yass Remix (Strictly Rythm 2008 )
Dj Gregory - Attend 1 – Yass Remix (Faya Combo – Defected – 2007)
Yass ft Lt Brown – I’m free (Purple Music – 2007)
Mark Grant – Guessing again – Yass Remix (Suburban – Defected - 2007)
Dennis Ferrer – Touched the sky – Yass Rmx (King Street – Defected –
Yass – I go deep (Grei Matter – 2007)
Nicolas Vaultier & Rachel Claudio – Micommunicate – Yass Rmx (Jaffa –
Yass – He reigns (Purple Music – 2007)
Nicolas Dennis – Jackin’a box – Inner Soul Rmx (Deeply Rooted House –
Yass – I believe (Purple Music – 2006)
Inner Soul – Pressure Ep (Deeply Rooted House – 2006)
Inner Soul – Support your Dj (Deeply Rooted House – 2005)
Yass – Rahjas (SSOH – 2005)
Yass – Irresistible (SSOH – 2005)
Yass – Diamond Rings (Momo Records – 2005)
Master Phil - We got the swing - Yass remix (Eclectik- 2005)
Yass ft Tori – Been set free (Momo Records – 2004)
Yass ft Queen Omega – Rule the world (Momo Records – 2004)
Master Phil - Semam - Yass remix (Eclectik - 2004)
Studio 54 ft Mc Adrian – I’m on fire (Yass remix) (2003)
Yass ft Jay - Give me a sign (SSOH - 2003)
Yass & M Dee ft Jay - October (SSOH - 2002)
Luna - Playa de la luna
Honey – Body call
and more ...
Compilations :
Miami in the house 09 (Defected- CD1)
Clubland Adventure vol 9 ( Defected)